Parent Handbook

Making an Appointment to see the Class Teacher

To make an appointment with a class teacher please contact the Administration Office or if you would prefer to contact the teacher personally you may email at:

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Parents will receive full academic reports at the end of each term and there will be one parent-teacher consultation period during the term. During these sessions parents will review work done and feedback from the teacher with regard to progress made. A letter will be sent home, and via email, with information regarding appointment time. You will be required to confirm this appointment to ensure the consultation.

Student Administration and Withdrawal Procedure

Before a student may enrol at school the parent or guardian is required to agree with and sign this document on the last page. This document is a legal agreement between the school and the parent/guardian and should be read accordingly.
If a student is going to leave the school please inform the school as soon as possible as you will need to sign a student withdrawal form. You may acquire this from the Administration Office. The registration fee paid on enrollment is non refundable. No reports or any other documents will be provided unless all fees are paid.

Behaviour Management

High standards of behavior, self discipline, manners and dress are expected at Palm House, however, praise and encouragement should always outweigh sanctions. At the same time, all pupils should be aware that the school operates a sanctions system to assist with the maintenance of a proper environment for learning.
Pupils should expect to incur disciplinary sanctions if, in the judgement of the school’s staff, they:
•    disrupt the learning of others
•    willfully defy the school’s stated regulations
•    cause harm or distress to others through thoughtlessness
•    show contempt for people or property
•    bring the school community into disrepute when clearly identifiable as a member of the school community (this includes being on-line and identifiable as a member of the school community
•    produce work which is late or clearly inadequate given that pupil’s abilities and the standards required
Relatively minor infractions of rules (such as late work or littering) can result in sanctions such as removal of playtime or other privileges.
Teachers will inform parents if this occurs more than once and after a third time the child will referred to the Head of Primary for further action. This action may take the form of a detention period. At NO time will there be any form of corporal or physical punishment.
More serious misconduct (such as physical aggression towards others, a breach of the rules which results in harm to others, or deliberate discourtesy towards staff) can be met with a suspension from school.

Attendance and punctuality

Children must remain on school premises from class registration at 8.30 until the end of the last afternoon lesson at 4.00 pm.
If a parent wishes a pupil to be absent from school during term time for a day or longer, notice in writing must be given. Notification of absences from school for part of a day must be directed to the class teacher in the first instance.
If a child has to be absent due to illness or some other cause, their parents or guardian should telephone the school by 9.00am (or e-mail and leave a message of explanation for the class teacher. When a child returns to the school they should bring a note of explanation signed by their parent or guardian.
Children should be punctual at all times. Arriving late is unsettling for the teacher, class and for the child who is arriving late. Children arriving after registration will be marked as late.

Uniform and Appearance

The uniform has been designed for ease and comfort considering the environment of Palm House. With the registration fee comes 5 polo shirts and 3 skorts or 3 pairs of shorts. Extra uniform may be bought from the Admin office throughout the year.

Items to bring to School

•    Sports shoes are required for P.E, sports shorts and tops are provided
•    A school bag large enough for A4 folders and books
•    Sportswear: School sports shirt, shorts, and socks and shoes in a separate school bag, hat and sunscreen.
•    Standard and coloured pencils
•    An eraser
•    A ruler ( 30cm)
•    A glue stick
•    A calculator for years 3+
•    Red and Blue pens for years 3+

Students should not bring any valuable items to school including: money, hand phones, computer games or portable music devices.

Arriving and Departing Palm House

Children should arrive between 8.00 – 8.20 am.  Children arriving earlier than this should be supervised by their parent at all times.
Parents should drive into the first gate and drop off their child in front of the dining area then exit through the second gate in front of the main house.
Please remind your child that it is their responsibility to remember to take home homework or school letters if relevant. Please check their bags every day for these items.
Collection is at 4.00pm and from the dining area. Parents are requested to drive through the first school gate and through to the dining area where their child will be waiting for them.
Please inform the Admin Office if another adult will be picking up your child on the day.

Lunches and Snacks

The lunch menu has been designed with your child’s best interest at heart. Meal options are full of vegetables and fruit (from our garden as much as possible) and will provide the required daily intake of vitamins for primary school aged children. School lunches are compulsory unless your child has special dietary needs based on either medical or religious grounds.
All students eat lunch in the dining room area after collecting their plates, cutlery and cups from the kitchen.  All students will be expected to return all of this on completion of their lunch.
A fruit snack and milk is provided in the morning. Fruit is also provided in the afternoon break.

Transportation Service

There is a pick-up and delivery service. Please contact the Admin office to arrange this service.

Special Events

Palm House will hold various events, days and celebrations throughout the year. These events will be emailed well in advance to each parent.


Before starting at Palm House children should receive a medical check- up from their doctor and provide the school with a medical certificate with the admission documents.
Every year the children are offered a routine check up in accordance with current Department of Health Policy. This includes a weight and height check, eye and vision check, general health and physical examination (no needles) and a dental check.

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